Professor Warren Hiding from the Press, Buried in Binders Full of Minorities Instead

As the Boston Herald reported, Elizabeth Warren had an almost laughably unhelpful and unfriendly first press conference in Boston last week. She’s now arrived in Washington, and appears to be assiduously maintaining similar levels of discretion. Even the Boston Globe is now a bit annoyed:

As Elizabeth Warren walked through the marble corridors of the Capitol on Tuesday, she tried assiduously to keep a low profile. Walking arm in arm with Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Warren passed paintings of historic politicians, busts of former vice presidents, and the doors to the Senate floor they will enter once sworn in.

A small gaggle of reporters awaited one of the rising stars in Washington, and Warren knew it. She leaned into Baldwin and was overheard saying, “Pretend you’re talking to me.”

She answered no questions, and strolled into a luncheon as reporters from the biggest news organizations in the country scolded themselves for not getting more information.

It was a completely different feel from the day 2½ years ago when the last new Massachusetts senator entered the building. Legions of reporters awaited Scott Brown, who seemed happy to accept the mantle of stardom that Washington was offering. He shook hands with nearly everyone who extended one.

The Democratic party’s middle-class warrior didn’t even let one “Americans are getting hammered out there” squeak out to the press:

After several hours of meetings, she emerged from a room with a few books under her arm and a backpack on, which she removed and handed to a single aide traveling with her.

“It’s exciting to be here. I am eager to get started,” she said in a brief interview. When told that she must know the building pretty well already, she motioned to the room where the orientation was taking place and said, “Not like that.”

“I’m learning,” she added.

She’s busy, one supposes, building her legislative staff, but she’s got help on that front:

A group of black ministers who supported Warren — including the Rev. Jeffrey L. Brown, the Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III, and the Rev. Bruce H. Wall — are calling on her to appoint a diverse staff, and have sent her names of minorities who could serve on her transition team.

That’s right, she’s got binders full of minorities.

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