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I Don’t Get It

Project Veritas released this tweet and video last night.

They sound like they have a big gotcha. I truly can’t see it. The Washington Post reporter, Adam Entous, is admitting the story may go nowhere. He doesn’t want to get ahead of the facts.

Is he speaking a little glibly? Maybe, I guess. But only if you don’t know that reporters are people and that when they’re off-duty they speak somewhat less guardedly. Given that this is all supposed to be a candid, non-official conversation with someone trying their best to goad him into saying something damning — in a bar! — and that Project Veritas surely edited this as self-servingly as possible, I can only see this video as a huge win for the Washington Post.

But maybe I’m missing something. If someone here has a workable theory as to why the Washington Post shouldn’t be laughing at this, I’m honestly eager to hear it.

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