Radio Free Kudlow Sweeps the Nation

Bigger and better every week — that’s Larry’s syndicated radio show, heard coast-to-coast every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern via your local station or on the Web (go here and click on “Listen Live,” and catch the show’s archives here). Governor Sam Brownback, former senator Jon Kyl, NR’s Washington editor Robert Costa, James Pethokoukis, Michael Cuggino, Jim LaCamp, David Malpass, Benn Steil, Steve Moore, and John McIntyre will be joining Larry to discuss the fast-approaching sequester (coming in one week), how a $44 billion spending cut will limit government and promote economic growth, the tax-reform battle in Kansas, Fed tightening, the listless consumer, stock corrections, and much more. What a line-up! Be there for the fun and wisdom, and always remember the Kudlow Rule: Free markets are the best path to prosperity!