Ramesh On Tvc

Kudos to Ramesh for his continued great reporting about the Traditional Values Coalition. Out here in California the Rev. Lou Sheldon has long been regarded by other religious right organizations as a self-seeking opportunist, and most religious right groups have long refused to trust him or work with him. It should be kept in mind that the Rev. Sheldon got most of his national fame from being invited repeatedly onto Larry King and other talk shows as a “representative” of the religious right, when of course what Larry King and others in the media wanted was an outrageous patsy who would play to type.

And then there’s this: In 1976, the Rev. Sheldon said this: “God has his hand on Jimmy Carter to run for President. Of course, he’s wise enough not to be presumptuous with the will of God. But he’s moving in the will of God.” So much for his judgment.

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