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Re ‘Che in Our Faces’

A few days ago, I had one of my rants about Che Guevara and his utter ubiquity. Thought I’d share a letter from a reader in Germany:

Living here in Berlin, I am routinely astounded by kids wearing Che T-shirts. Recently, I saw some clueless college student wearing a Che T-shirt in the Topography of Terror Museum. I was especially disappointed to realize he was a North American — probably a U.S. — student.

However, all is not lost. I recently attended a convention in Helsinki. While participating in a session on “The Definition of ‘Hero,’” I heard a number of young Finns say something like, “I used to think of Che Guevara as a hero, but then I actually read about his life.” Imagine my shock! If it can happen in Finland, maybe there’s hope for the States as well.

Hmmm, maybe.

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