Re: ‘Jay and Mona Show’

I have to make a big correction: If it’s anything, it’s the Mona and Jay Show. Let there be no doubt of that. As I said in the first episode, I am there as Tonto, and very happy to be.

Speaking of shows: Today, Saturday, I’ll be on Eagle Forum Live, from 11 to 12 CST, discussing my history of the Nobel Peace Prize.

On Sunday morning at 10, I am a guest of the dynamic duo, Bob and Kendel Ehrlich, on their show Politics Unplugged. (Bob is the former governor of Maryland; Kendel is the former first lady. I’m looking for another state for them to run in . . .)

On Sunday afternoon at 2, Rocky Mountain PBS is broadcasting a show called The Human Parade. This is a series in which I interview some of the most interesting people around: Jeb Bush (another sterling ex-governor, like Ehrlich), Renée Fleming (soprano), Ignat Solzhenitsyn (pianist, conductor, and son of you-know-who), Ed Koch (a living symbol of New York), Bernard Lewis (Middle East scholar), and Mark Helprin (novelist and all-around stud).

What am I not doing this weekend? Once more, I failed to qualify for the Tour Championship, being played at East Lake, Bobby Jones’s course (one of them). Tiger, Rory, and the rest will have to battle down the stretch without me.

I hate when that happens.

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