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Re: Obama Is Stuck in 2008

Jonah: Isn’t this pretty much the answer to those who say that Obama is unbeatable in 2012? Talk about willful blindness: This is the Potemkin Village presidency, based on speeches promising an ever-elusive “hope and change” future that constantly recedes the nearer reality approaches. 

And now the media is trying to sell us its version of the ideal Republican candidate. The other morning on my favorite TV show, Morning Joe, the crew of bien-pensants practically fell over each other singing the praises of that Chinese guy who may soon throw his hat into the ring. Mark Halperin called him “a Morning Joe candidate” — and what could better than that? — while Mike Barnicle quoted a perhaps imaginary New Hampshire voter comparing him to JFK. Even my old employer, Time Magazine, got into the act, telling us that the Gentleman from Shanghai was the one candidate the Left really, really, really, really fears.

Yeah, right. 

No wonder they wish it was the good old days of 2008: No track record to speak off, a block-and-tackle media quarterbacked by Jake Lingle, and only the sham opposition of John McCain between Barry and the White House. 

Something tells me it’s going to be a lot harder next time out. And that something is my liberal friends frantically assuring me that Obama is unbeatable.

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