Re: Obama Takes Over 9/11 Trials, Commissions Back on Table

The Post story that Daniel discusses below is gabberflasting. It is now “breaking news” in this town when the president of the United States inserts himself into the “process” of deciding one of the more important national-security issues that his administration faces — how to deal with the mastermind of September 11. The harmonizing of intelligence, national-security, and law-enforcement interests within his administration should have called on the president’s ultimate executive decisionmaking authority from day one. The notion that an “independent” (where it’s convenient) attorney general should be making these decisions without any guidance from the chief executive raises all the more questions about who is running the asylum.

One particular sentence in the report just tickled me: “Obama gave little clue about how the administration will proceed when he was asked Sunday about the trial.” Shouldn’t that read “had little clue”?

Shannen W. Coffin — Shannen W. Coffin is a contributing editor to National Review. He previously served in senior legal positions in the Justice Department and Office of Vice President during the George ...