Re ‘Sole Asylum’

This is a little Kafkaesque, to quote one of my favorite Supreme Court justices. I will be brief: I don’t begrudge Marisol Valles Garcia her flight across the border, and her attempt to gain asylum. I admire her. I think poor-mouthing a person in her circumstances is strange. Deny her asylum, sure, ship her back. But do you have to run her down, as you run her out?

“And let’s not get too teary-eyed about her bravery.” I think that sentence is ill-considered. We are talking about a 20-year-old student, a young woman with a baby, who took over a position that no one else was willing to take over: because its previous occupant was beheaded. Moreover, 15 of the 17 officers under his command were also killed.

“. . . let’s not get too teary-eyed about her bravery.” I’m not asking anyone to get teary-eyed. Simple appreciation is something else. Also a little humility. These violate no tenet of conservatism, I can say with confidence (as a senior editor of National Review). (For the fever swamps, I can’t speak, and don’t want to.)

There are many, many rotten illegal aliens in this country to complain about — not to mention many, many rotten citizens, some of whom are trashing the Wisconsin state capitol. To run down Marisol Valles Garcia is unnecessary, at the least.

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