Rewriting Prop 8 History to Blacken Brendan Eich’s Name

Writing on Slate, Mark Joseph Stern wanted to remind folks how “unprecedentedly cruel” was the Proposition 8 campaign to which ousted Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich donated.

The actual ads produced by the Prop 8 campaign were apparently not cruel enough, so Stern mixes one not-very-cruel ad from that campaign (the one featuring a Pepperdine professor on the religious-liberty consequences of gay marriage) with a spate of YouTube videos that were not produced by the Prop 8 campaign and never aired on TV.

Stern’s coverage was retailed by the Los Angeles Times, which called it “a reminder that the Prop 8 campaign Eich supported was odious.”  

Don’t rewrite the history. If what Brendon Eich donated to was so odious, perhaps its critics could content themselves by showing that with ads he actually helped fund?

UPDATE: Some in the comments sections are saying that I am wrong about one of these ads. I e-mailed Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Prop 8, on how to tell if an ad was produced by the Prop 8 campaign. He replied:

Here is how you can tell: First, it runs over a minute in length. No ad would ever run over 60 seconds and very few run more than 30 seconds. More importantly, there is no disclaimer. You cannot run a political ad without a disclaimer saying who paid for it. Television stations would be prohibited from running it. This was a video — a well produced one — and was not done by the campaign.

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