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Rudy and Marriage

His e-mail shop does a better job than he did in the debate tonight on the issue (see below). The fact remains though, Romney’s the only frontrunner (unless we start counting Huck soon??), who is for a federal marriage amendment.

Team Rudy release:

MAYOR GIULIANI: “I believe that marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman and that the way to handle this, and the way to handle respect and everything else is to have something like domestic partnership, which I support.”


LARRY KING: “Would you favor a constitutional amendment saying marriage is a man and a woman?”


MAYOR GIULIANI: “Not if it remains the way it is now. Unless all of a sudden lots of states do what Massachusetts does and kind of come at it from the other side and decide that the Constitution says that — that you cannot have marriage between a man and a woman….” (CNN’s “Larry King Live,” 2/14/07)



In 2004, Giuliani Did Not Believe Constitutional Amendment Was “Right Decision At This Point.”  NBC’s TIM RUSSERT: “[T]he Constitutional amendment the President invoked to ban gay marriage. You disagree with the President on that, don’t you?” GIULIANI: “Well, I don’t think it’s right for decision at this point. I think this should play itself out in more states. I certainly wouldn’t support it at this time, but I don’t think this is one of the critical issues.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 3/7/04)




1989: “Rudolph Giuliani (Republican): He Does Not Support Gay Marriages.” (Jennifer Preston, “Koch Says Rudy Is ‘Gay Bashing’,” Newsday, 7/11/89)


1996: Giuliani Said “Marriage Should Remain The Way It Is.”  “Mayor Giuliani yesterday said he opposes gay marriages, joining other officials in favor of a proposed federal law to block national recognition of same-sex unions. ‘I believe marriage should remain the way it is,’ Giuliani said, responding to a question after a City Hall ceremony to honor gay and lesbian city employes.[sic]” (Bob Liff, “Rudy: No To Gay Marriage,” Daily News, 6/18/96)


  • “Three City Democrats Widely Viewed As Potential Mayoral Contenders Yesterday Said They Back Legalization Of Gay Marriages, An Idea Opposed By Mayor Giuliani.” (Kimberly Schaye and Bob Liff, “Three Top Democrats Give Their OK To Gay Marriages,” Daily News, 6/26/96)


2006: “Giuliani … Championed New York’s Domestic Partnership Law But Opposes Gay Marriage …” (Glenn Thrush, “Rudy Leans Conservative, Backs Right-Wing Candidate,” Newsday, 5/19/06)


2006: “[D]espite Popular Assumptions To The Contrary, Giuliani Opposes Gay Marriage. While He Signed Domestic Partnership Legislation, That Apparently Is Where He Draws The Line.” (Deroy Murdock, “Ready For Rudy,” The American Spectator, 12/26/06)


  • Giuliani: “My Definition Of Family Is What It Is. It Does Not Include Gay Marriage As Part Of That Definition. I Am A Very Strong Supporter Of Full And Complete Legal Rights And Protection For Everyone, Which Includes Opposing Decisions Based On Sexual Preference.” (Deroy Murdock, “Ready For Rudy,” The American Spectator, 12/26/06)


2007: Giuliani Said “Marriage Should Be Between A Man And A Woman.” FOX NEWS’ SEAN HANNITY: “Let me ask you about gay marriage. What do you think about the definition of marriage? Should it be between a man and a woman?”  GIULIANI: “Marriage should be between a man and a woman. Here’s exactly the position I’ve always had. And it’s the same –  and I feel the same way about it today that I did eight, 10 years ago when I signed the domestic partnership legislation: marriage should be between a man and a woman. It should remain that way.” (Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes,” 2/5/07)


Giuliani: “Some People Have Said I Am For Gay Marriage, I’m Not. I’m For Marriage Between A Man And A Woman, Always Been …” (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Interview With David Yepsen, Des Moines, IA, 4/3/07)


Giuliani: “I Have Consistently, Always Been In Favor Of Marriage Between A Man And A Woman, Can’t See That We Would Change That, Can’t Imagine That We Would Change It, And Would Oppose Changing That.” (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Interview With Mike Gallagher, Mike Gallagher Radio Show, Dallas, TX, 4/5/07)


Giuliani: “I Never Supported Gay Marriage. I Don’t Support Gay Marriage, I Think Marriage Should Be Between A Man And A Woman I’ve Always Taken That Position …” (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Interview With Mike Larson, KOGO Radio, San Diego, CA, 4/13/07)


Giuliani: “My Stance On Gay Rights Has Been The Same Since The Time I Was Mayor. I Believe In Marriage Between A Man And A Woman. I Think Marriage Should Be Reserved That Way.” (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Press Availability, New Hampshire, 4/24/07)


Giuliani: “I Am In Favor Of Marriage Between A Man And A Woman, I Think It Should Remain That Way …” (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Remarks At Civitas Institute, Raleigh, NC, 4/27/07)


Giuliani Said Marriage Should Remain Between A Man And A Woman. Giuliani: “I think that most people, not all but most people agree that marriage should remain between a man and a woman.  It’s a sacred bond, and it’s been something that has been an under support, a support for our society for a very long time, and it should remain that way.”  (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Remarks A Houston Baptist University, 5/11/07)


Giuliani: “I Believe That Marriage Should Remain Between A Man And A Woman.”  (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Interview With CBN’s David Brody, 6/26/07)

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