Runaway OWS Mom Refuses Plea

Stacey Hessler, the mother who abandoned her family in Florida to join Occupy Wall Street, refused an offer to have her charges dismissed yesterday:

Occupy Wall Street protester and runaway mom Stacey Hessler, 39, arrested in November for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, yesterday refused an offer to have her charges dismissed and will instead face a trial.

Hessler had originally planned to accept the judge’s offer of an adjournment contemplating dismissal, which erases the charge if the defendant stays out of trouble for six months, but later changed her mind, her attorney said.

The Long Island native yesterday wore sandals, carried a bag that said “99 Percent” and had the letters “OWS” sewn onto her blue skirt. Outside, she held up a cardboard sign that said, “A woman’s place is in the revolution.”

Just another example of why not to ascribe rationality to the Occupy movement.

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