Ryan for VP?

As The Hill reports, House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) may have shut the door on a presidential run, but appears to be leaving it open when it comes to “any other job.”

Rep. Paul Ryan (R -Wis.) may have disappointed some conservatives when he ruled out a president bid earlier this month. But that doesn’t mean that the chairman of the House Budget Committee wouldn’t consider a spot on the national ticket.

Asked during an interview with MacIver News Service if he would accept a spot as a vice presidential candidate, the Republican lawmaker declined to rule out the possibility.

“Who knows? Like I said, I just cross bridges when I get to them,” Ryan said.

The seven-term lawmaker said that he decided against running for president both because he felt that a presidential campaign would be disruptive to his young family, but also because he believed he could continue to be effective in the House. Still, Ryan said that “with any other job [than president] in politics, you can have a good, balanced family life.”

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