Senate Passes Tax Compromise, 81-19

With all 100 Senators voting, the Obama-McConnell tax deal has passed overwhelmingly in the Senate. The House is not expected to take up the bill until tomorrow at the earliest, but the lopsided passage certainly puts the pressure on a disgruntled House Democratic majority to move quickly, and affirmatively.

UPDATE: 13 Democrats, Five Republicans, and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont voted against the extension. All the nays, with Republicans in bold, via Mark Knoller:

Bingaman, D-NM

Coburn, R-OK

DeMint, R-SC

Dorgan, D-ND

Ensign, R-NV

Feingold, D-WI

Gillibrand, D-NY

Hagen, D-NC

Harkin, D-IA

Lautenberg, D-NJ

Leahy, D-VT

Levin, D-MI

Merkley, D-OR

Sanders, I-VT

Sessions, R-LA

Tom Udall, D-CO

Mark Udall, D-NM

Voinovich, R-OH, 

Wyden, D-OR

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