Sex-Trafficker Video Is a Fundraising Opportunity for Planned Parenthood?

Before the release of a new video from inside a Planned Parenthood clinic today by Live Action, Planned Parenthood Action Fund president Cecile Richards sent out a fundraising e-mail in which she describes Live Action’s New Jersey video released Tuesday as an “attack,” insisting: 

Anti-choice extremists, who have been attacking Planned Parenthood for five years, released a secretly taped video claiming that Planned Parenthood is covering up exploitation of children. What these videos don’t say is that when their “undercover” operators visited clinics asking for services for an “underage sex trafficking ring,” Planned Parenthood staff immediately reported them to both local and federal authorities. 

That makes this “fringe” fuss here about some pesky video sound like this is all much ado about nothing. Put that e-mail next to the New York Times story yesterday quoting a spokesman for Planned Parenthood dismissing Live Action as a group with “surreptitious videotaping and manipulative editing” and Planned Parenthood looks clean. Move on, nothing to see here, is the message.  But there is an unedited video available on Live Action’s website showing a now-fired Planned Parenthood clinic worker giving advice on how to keep a sex-trafficking business running in the midst of sexually transmitted disease and abortion and nagging things like laws. And why did she get fired if Planned Parenthood is not guilty of any wrongdoing here? 

Well obviously something went very wrong, as PP in N.J. has had to admit. And while quick to dismiss Live Action, they gloss over other incidents of wrongdoing at Planned Parenthood clinics Live Action has previously exposed, as Michael New referenced yesterday. But none of that truth will keep national headquarters from wasting the opportunity to hit up donors. 

Speaking of: In the same e-mail, Richards claims that Mike Pence’s bill would make it so that Planned Parenthood “can no longer provide family planning, birth control, or preventive care to millions of women.” They’re a profit-maker with high-paid friends who do fundraisers for them. We’re not talking about some struggling crisis-pregnancy center (say under attack by the New York City Council) here.

The very fact that the people behind the video would fabricate a story about a child sex trafficking ring — a serious and horrific crime that no one should exploit for their own political agenda — is beyond comprehension. And, unfortunately, it is just the latest in the escalation of attacks that include Representative Smith’s bill to ban private insurance coverage for abortion for millions of women and Representative Pence’s bill to defund local Planned Parenthood clinics, so that they can no longer provide family planning, birth control, or preventive care to millions of women. 

It is unconscionable that this band of newly-emboldened extremists has resorted to egregious lies to discredit the doctors, nurses, and other staff who devote their lives to protecting women’s health. But, lies are all they have, because the truth is on our side. 

They sure gloss over a good bit of it. 

And as if it couldn’t get more disturbing, today in their response to the Richmond video, Planned Parenthood insists that their clinic worker acted appropriately. While offering advice on how to obtain minor abortions by judicial bypass? I’d be delighted to believe she lied about how routine that is. But the routine way we’ve seen two Planned Parenthood workers this week talk with purported sex workers about such things is alarming. 

The myth of the abortion industry/the Left/the feminist movement is that they and Planned Parenthood are the champions of women. The lived experience of women seems to suggest something else. A fresh breeze of pro-life women politicians demonstrate that that conventional lie is crumbling. The latest evidence putting that into question came this week via a 23-year-old woman, Lila Rose. And the least we can do is have a calm conversation about defunding this profit-making organization in need of some serious investigation in the wake of these videos. In light of Kermit Gosnell, shouldn’t we be vigilant? After Tucson, weren’t we all supposed to be more civil? I learned that from the abortion activists at EMILY’s List.

And as for the funding, we’re looking for cuts anyway. Remember the Tea Party

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