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Silver Surfer: A Dissent

I’m afraid this reader makes a strong point:

You’re losing it Jonah. Just because the Silver Surfer was cool in the comics does not mean that he can be protrayed by hollywood. The first FF movie was so awful that we should all agree not to recognize its existence at all (like Highlander 2: The sickening). Daredevil was extremely cool too, until Ben Affleck forever destroyed him for me. Good luck with the SS.

Me: Yes, that’s true. Other examples of cool comic book heroes turned to drek: Dolph what’s-his-name as The Punisher, and David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury. All I can say is that this Silver Surfer looks much cooler and, if it’s as bad as the first FF, we can all buy the DVD simply for the alternative ending where Galactus triumphs and eats the earth whole (“Maybe he found our planet via the whole earth catalog?” — The Couch. “Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week. Try the veal.”). Update:  Did you know there was a cheesey 1994 version of Fantastic Four that never aired? Invaluable reader Debby did. You can catch it on YouTube.

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