The Stein Resignation

From my old researcher Lyle, Emory grad, and current Marine:

Hey Jonah,

Just read JPod’s post on Kenneth Stein’s resignation from the Carter Center and wanted to reinforce that Stein is in fact one of Emory’s most widely respected professors. Not only is he incredibly informed and fun in the classroom, but he’s also very fair. I, nor anyone else in the class I took (“The Palestine Mandate”) had a clue where his sympathies lied. Toward the end of the semester, however, I did suspect a growing frustration on his part with the Carteresque view of things. This became most apparent when Mary Robinson, the former Irish President and UN Human Rights Commissioner was chosen as Emory’s commencement speaker. Given Robinson’s notorious chumminess with virtually anything and anyone anti-Israel (and, at times, explicitly anti-Semetic), I spearheaded an effort to revoke the invitation, on the grounds of pure intellectual decency. While Stein never gave a hint of where he stood during class, he did discuss the issue with me outside the classroom. I got a feeling he was equally riled about the whole thing, not to mention what it said about what now passes for serious opinion concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict. But I was never quite sure. Now I am. 

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