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Stupid Veep Tricks

I see Nat Brown has already mentioned this over at Planet Gore – Al Gore’s newest crusade to “stabilize” the population to stave off the chimera of “man-made climate change” — but it’s also the subject of my New York Post column today:

Al Gore, America’s loopiest ex-vice president, is at it again. Not content with pocketing a fortune by scaring his fellow citizens with the imaginary boogeyman of “man-made climate change,” the prophet of doom now wants everybody to save the planet by — wait for it — halting population growth.

You heard that right: To save mother Gaia, it’s imperative that we kill ourselves as a species. Let a thousand flowers bloom, but be sure to have only one or two kids, lest you make “climate change” worse.

“Sustainability” — what could be nicer, warmer, or fuzzier? But the Left’s newest buzzword masks the death’s head behind its Eloi happy face:

But there’s no such thing as a “stable” population: A society that’s not busy growing — unleashing its vast creative energies in the process — is busy dying.

Given the demands on the welfare state, a society that skews elderly will be unable to afford programs such as Medicare and Social Security, which effectively operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. Fewer kids means drastic cuts in benefits — as Americans are about to find out.

You can’t run a Ponzi scheme like Social Security without an infinite number of new marks — who in this case are dragooned into the scam at gunpoint by the federal government. But it never seems to occur to people like Gore that Social Security is essentially a fraud, an inter-generational income-transfer game of bunko with a pretend “lock box” buried somewhere under the Washington Monument. All it takes it one generation “forgetting” to have kids, and it’s game over.

In any case, the problem in the West is not Malthusian over-population, but slow-motion cultural suicide:

Indeed, the developed world’s problem is the opposite of overpopulation. Twenty countries, all European but for Japan, now have negative population growth. It’s not just Russia and the countries of the old East Bloc, but also Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece — where they’re rioting in the streets over the demise of the welfare state. As for Japan, its population is expected to be fully 21 percent lower than its current 127.5 million by 2050.

Wonder what the post-Western world will look like . . .

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