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Ten Hysterical Reactions to the Ryan Budget

After the release of Paul Ryan’s new House budget, Democrats have reacted in a range of ways, some more reasoned than others. Following are ten of the most hysterical reactions to the budget:

1. Our food won’t be the same: “The cuts to domestic spending, if applied across the board, would lead to fewer food inspectors, fewer air-traffic controllers, and so forth. That would mean more delays and cases of food poisoning, and so forth.” (Brad Plumer)

2. It’s savagery: “Over the medium term, of course, it’s a plan to savage the poor while giving big tax breaks to the rich.” (Paul Krugman)

3. Scrooge-esque: “Deficit reduction does not require the Scrooge-like, Gilded-Age policies that the Ryan plan embodies.” (Center for Responsible Budget Politics)

4. The end of democracy: “The amendment would require a two-thirds majority to raise taxes, giving a right-wing minority veto power over any tax increases. Goodbye, majority rule. This is all extreme and irresponsible stuff. The president knows it.” (E. J. Dionne)

5. Designed to fight Occupy Wall Street: “It cuts taxes for those at the top, asking the middle class to pick up the tab. It’s a budget designed to benefit the top 1 percent at everyone else’s expense.” (Daniel J. Weiss)

6. Less vacations: “If the Ryan budget somehow became reality then you might have to give up on college and avoid air travel — assuming you survived the food poisoning and killer diseases.” (Jonathan Cohn)

7. Of natural-disaster proportions: “It is a Republican path to poverty that would pass like a tornado through America’s nursing homes where millions of America’s seniors receive long-term and end-of-life care.” (Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

8. Shadows encroaching: “Backers of the Ryan plan are relying on the cold self-interest that so often dominates our era to mock . . . urgent solidarity . . .  as quaint and naive. . . . . [T]he elderly and poor are no longer invisible. And outrage is precisely what we ought to feel at this cruel attempt to push them back into want’s dark shadow.” (Tim Rutten)

9. Literally deadly: “This process risks creating an actual death spiral for the basic guarantee of Medicare as more people are forced out of the system and those who remain face higher and higher costs.” (Gene Sperling)

10. Parental warning needed: “[The results of the Ryan budget] are not pretty. Nation readers with young children should probably ask them to leave the room before reading onward.” (The Nation)

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