In-tents Humor: A Dozen Jokes about Occupy Wall Street

Out of money, an OWS protester uses an ATM and it asks if he will accept a $1 fee. He knows the money will just go to a greedy, corrupt bank. Does he hit “Yes”?

Sure, it’s his parents’ card anyway.

A criminal, an OWS protester, and a former ACORN staffer climb into a tent.

It’s a one-person tent.

A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar; an OWS protester walks into a baton.

Roseanne Barr, Anne Hathaway, Michael Moore, Kanye West, and Susan Sarandon attend protests against economic inequality.

Roseanne Barr, Anne Hathaway, Michael Moore, Kanye West, and Susan Sarandon attend protests against economic inequality.

John Keynes, Friedrich Hayek, and Karl Marx walk past an OWS demonstration. “Idiots,” says Hayek. No one disagrees.

A weary OWS protester returns to college.

Roommate: “How are you?”

Protester: “Not so great. I have body lice, the flu, and a screaming case of gonorrhea.”

Roommate: “You caught the flu?”

What’s the difference between Barack Obama’s nebulous whatever-you-want-it-to-mean 2008 campaign and OWS?

Three years.

What’s the difference between intentionally provoking a caged bear in a zoo and intentionally provoking a tired cop in Manhattan?

Bearbaiting is illegal.

What’s the difference between Rick Perry and the aimlessness of OWS?

Rick Perry is debatable.

What’s the difference between the NBA and OWS?

People are waiting for one to come back and for the other to go away.

What’s the difference between the Philadelphia Eagles and OWS?

It was reasonable to have high expectations of the Eagles.

What’s the difference between soccer and OWS?



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