Thank You, Democrats for Life!

I’ve had my moments of frustration with Democrats for Life over the years, but I am so glad they exist. Someone has to fight for that party. The human rights of the unborn are so much bigger than partisan politics. And I am delighted to see that Democrats for Life are fighting Andrew Cuomo’s abortion-expansion legislation in New York State. At a time when in New York City, the abortion rate is 41 percent, higher if you’re black or minority in the womb, it’s the last thing anyone needs. Of course, most New Yorkers don’t realize the depths of the reach of the Culture of Death in their midst, and when they have been made aware, they are alarmed, as a poll commissioned by the Chiaroscuro Foundation shows. And proponents of Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act want you to believe it’s all about women’s health and apple pie. Believe that at our peril. More background here

Kathryn Jean Lopez — Kathryn Jean Lopez is a senior fellow at the National Review Institute and an editor-at-large of National Review. Sign up for her weekly NRI newsletter here. This column is based on one available through Andrews McMeel Universal’s Newspaper Enterprise Association.