Thanks, Chait, Et Al.

As the semi-official Jon Chait basher in these parts, I should point out that his remarks about the Daily Caller’s lame and gutless attempt to defame this publication and its editors are both clear and gracious. Many thanks.

Likewise, Greg Sargeant’s mockery of Tucker & Co. is much deserved, and Ben Smith’s contribution to the discussion, particularly his thoughts about the ethics of changing online stories, is worth reading.

Personally, I’m perplexed by the whole unlikely tale, particularly the bit about NRO’s allegedly coordinating an editorial through Kate O’Beirne and April Ponnuru. Rich Lowry is a shadowy character and a man of mystery, to be sure, but I’m pretty sure that John Boehner could get him on the phone, if he wanted to.

The real mystery is this: If the Republicans were behind our editorial on The Pledge, then who was behind Andy McCarthy’s cheesed-off objection to it? I blame George Soros.

I have some further thoughts on this affair. Alas, they are unprintable, for reasons of both taste and law.