‘That’s My Tucson’

Today, the hospital press conference from Tucson was a heartache. But in all such scenes, one is reminded of the heroes, the first responders, and the general decency that is so much of humanity.


While the sheriff has been busy condemning his own state, the husband of victim Susan Hileman and friend of Christina Taylor Green, Bill Hileman, spoke to what I think — from my experiences — is the true ethos of Tucson and all of Arizona: “It’s been a very, very decent community to us [he moved to Tucson in 2006]. So this event I think is extra shocking because of that. I have to say my personal experience from initially getting the call on Saturday from an anonymous woman on the scene who let me know that Suzie and Christina  had been in an accident, and I’m down in the emergency room here, and one of the first people I met was a minister who had heard the news and walked in off the street, not part of the staff, but was there comforting people. That’s my Tucson.”


When I saw and heard that — I saw and heard so much more. Even in dark horror we witness light. And this from “not a particularly religious guy.” Our continued best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mrs. Hileman … and all the others recovering, along with our condolences for those who didn’t.