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They’re Still At It

In my email box:


Jonah –

Republicans aren’t backing down from their War on Women crusade.

When House Republicans’ Campaign Chairman, Rep. Pete Sessions, was asked whether they would back off their assault on women’s health care, he responded: “We’re not hesitant to do anything.”

Anything? Republicans in Congress have already tried to give your boss the power to deny women access to birth control coverage. How much worse can the Republican War on Women get?

We’re launching an urgent grassroots campaign against War on Women Republicans while they are back home in their districts this week. We’ve set a goal of raising $100,000 by tomorrow night to launch targeted advertising against anti-women Republicans.

Contribute $3 to the Women’s Health Accountability Fund by Midnight Tomorrow >>

From their all-male panel on contraception coverage to their refusal to denounce Rush Limbaugh’s despicable attacks, Republicans are making it crystal clear where they stand on women’s rights. They must be held accountable.

With the media closely watching our response, we must answer with the full force of our grassroots strength so the American people know the truth about the Republicans’ radical agenda.

Let’s make Republicans regret they ever launched a War on Women. Fight Back:

Thank you for standing with us,


Kelly Ward

DCCC Political Director

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