Tikvah Advanced Institutes

The Tikvah Fund, which runs a variety of educational programs, is launching a new program in the coming year that could be of great interest to some Corner readers. The new Tikvah Advanced Institutes will be a series of seminars for professionals interested in studying important texts and important questions with some great teachers.

The fall 2013 seminars run anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks (all in New York City), on subjects like the ethics of modern war, American grand strategy, and the philosophical foundations of democratic capitalism, as well as some more specifically Jewish issues and questions (as Tikvah has a special interest in Jewish ideas). Every participant is given a stipend to cover the costs of travel, lodging, and other expenses.

The faculty they’ve lined up is pretty extraordinary: Henry Kissinger, Victor Davis Hanson, Frederick Kagan, Peter Feaver, Michael Doran, Ruth Wisse, Chris DeMuth, Jim Capretta, Paul Rahe, and other stars. (I’m teaching a couple of seminars too, so their judgment isn’t perfect, but don’t hold that against them.)

Their application deadlines are coming up, so have a look.

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