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A reader asks a good question:


Just wondering: in addition to agreeing with the placing of BSG on’s Best of ‘05 list, do you also agree with the interpretation?

The author writes that BSG is “a ripping sci-fi allegory of the war on terror, complete with religious fundamentalists (here, genocidal robots called Cylons), sleeper cells, civil-liberties crackdowns and even a prisoner-torture scandal.”

It’s obvious that the series is touching on many of quite relevant issues. But I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that it presents an allegory, to say nothing of the particular allegory where Cylons are the stand-in’s for religious fundamentalists of any creed.

I have no problem with relating sci-fi elements to real-world counterparts — the Federation with the (idealized) U.N., Starfleet with the U.S. Navy, Klingons with the Russians, even Bajorans with Catholics — but I just don’t see the Cylons as proxies either for Islamists or the Left’s stereotype of Christian conservatives.

(Maybe my early memories of seeing repeats of the old series is getting in the way of seeing metaphors that really are there.)

Since K-Lo’s ban is Trek-specific, maybe you could address this comment during these slow days between Christmas and New Year’s.

[Name withheld]

PS – I hope Cosmo’s doing well, and I’m sure I’m not the only Corner reader who would love to hear how he’s doing.

Me: No I don’t agree with Time’s reading of the show at all. Unless, of course, Osama Bin Laden and Pat Robertson are alien androids.

Oh, and Cosmo’s doing well. Will update tomorrow, pending his approval.

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