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The Trouble with Flashforward

From a reader:

For a show that hopes to capture the viewers of LOST, it seems to me that the writers of Flash Forward insult the intelligence of the audience. How many times must we be hit over the head with a plot point before the writers are comfortable that we “got it?” This is why the show is boring, because the plot only advances during the last 5 minutes of every episode. The balance of the time is spent rehashing what has already been established. I gave it up back in October.

Agree with you about Community and V.

I think this is very well put. It seems to me that my favorite dramas for more than a decade all (or almost all) have something in common: They assume the viewer has the patience and/or the intelligence to wait for an explanation from time to time. Think about the dialog on NYPD Blue, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, and (if you’ve seen them) Sons of Anarchy and Brotherhood. There’s a lot of stuff that you have to figure out, or look up, or wait to have explained to you. It requires at least a little work. The same goes for the plots of most of those shows as well. Lost’s dialog is easy enough, but the plot requires a lot of brainwork if you’re going to bother sticking with it.

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