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Trump Blasts Huntsman, Paul, Rove

Donald Trump addressed critics of his decision to moderate a GOP debate December 27 in a conference call with reporters this afternoon.

In response to Jon Huntsman’s critique, Trump said, “Well, he could use a little show business to get his ratings up, because his poll numbers are terrible … he has no chance whatsoever of getting the nomination, so it’s actually a good thing if he’s not there.”

Trump said that Ron Paul, who is not attending the Trump debate, has “zero chance” of becoming the GOP nominee. “I wonder how he would do in the private sector. He probably wouldn’t have made ten cents,” Trump remarked.

In response to Karl Rove’s criticism on Fox this morning that Trump, who is considering an independent presidential run, shouldn’t be moderating a GOP debate, Trump blasted Rove as responsible for the GOP’s woes in recent years.

“I don’t think that Karl Rove is a smart person. I think he’s highly overrated.  … He’s a man who’s only after Karl Rove,” Trump said, adding that Rove was “part of the problem with the Republican party.”

“He did such a bad job with Bush in that final period of time that no Republican could possibly have beaten Obama or any other Democrat and I say that Karl Rove was at least partially responsible,” Trump continued. “He’s totally into himself. He’s already got his little candidate picked out. …I understand Karl Rove. I get Karl Rove. I think Karl Rove is basically a loser. Other than that, I like him very much.”

Trump, who met with Newt Gingrich this morning, said that former House speaker expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming debate.

 “Newt Gingrich just left my office,” Trump said. “He’s a very smart man. He thought it was great. And one of the things he says was because we’ll get tremendous ratings. I happen to get great ratings, okay, if you’ve noticed.”

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