We Haven’t Heard the Last of Sean Eldridge, Says Sean Eldridge

Last night, Sean Eldridge, partner of multimillionaire Facebook investor and New Republic owner Chris Hughes, lost his lavishly self-funded bit for a congressional seat in New York State by 30 points. Two of his problems: He moved to the district just a year or two ago (earning the painful headline “Young, Rich, and Relocating Yet Again in Hunt for Political Office” from the Times) and he was up against a popular incumbent and decorated Army paratrooper veteran. That’s an uphill battle for your average Brown philosophy B.A.

But the blowout loss hasn’t dulled his political passion, he tells the Times’ Michael Barbaro:

One can’t help but agree with Ross Douthat that there are stirring parallels here: “The work goes on, the cause endures . . .”

Patrick Brennan — Patrick Brennan is a writer and policy analyst based in Washington, D.C. He was Director of Digital Content for Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, writing op-eds, policy content, and leading the ...