We Were Warned of Election-Related Violence, and We’ve Got It

One of the more absurd themes of the Left prior to the election was that Trump supporters were ready to unloose a wave of violence on Election Day or after.

This was always a bit rich coming from the same people who never seem to mind too much when BLM protesters run riot. Here was a characteristic example of the genre from Vox.

It was also far-fetched. When have we seen Republican mobs breaking windows and burning things down? Of course, we are now seeing election-related violence, from all the usual suspects:

The latest demonstrations occurred from Portland, Oregon, to Chicago, to New York and parts in between. Many drew several hundred people but some drew thousands.

In Portland, police declared a riot Thursday night, citing “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior” and tweeting that they were getting increasing reports of vandalism and aggressiveness as people marched through the city. They labeled some protesters “anarchists.”

CBS Portland affiliate KOIN-TV reported police put the number at some 4,000.

Marchers were spray-painting buildings, the station said. People were throwing projectiles at officers at one point and significant damage was done at a car dealership, police said. Multiple news outlets posted videos and photos of vehicle windows smashed out….

Things also got ugly in Oakland Thursday night, reports CBS SF Bay Area.

Police declared an unlawful assembly as about 1,000 protesters gathered downtown, that station said.

Police said protesters blocked Interstate 580 and at least two were arrested.

Tear gas was used for a second straight night, police said.

Rich Lowry — Rich Lowry is the editor of National Review. He can be reached via email: comments.lowry@nationalreview.com. 

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