A Welcome Environment

Lately, we’ve been talking about NPR and similar media, because of the Williams affair. (I’m talkin’ Juan, of course.) “Defund NPR!” goes the cry. “Defund PBS!” goes a companion cry. I’m a crier of such cries myself.

Anyway, had kind of an interesting experience this morning. I thought I was to be on Wisconsin Public Radio at 11:30 EST. The show was The Kathleen Dunn Show, which I have done in the past. We messed up the timing a little — the studio had meant to say 10:30 EST. Well, I was walking along the Hudson River, when I checked my BlackBerry: to find an e-mail from the producer.

Long story shorter: I joined the show, standing by the river, on my cellphone, in howling winds. I said, “I’ve been called windy before, but . . .” And, “If I have to shout, no problem: People will just think it’s cable.” (Obnoxious to quote your clever lines, isn’t it?)

In any event, Kathleen was gracious, prepared, and thoroughly professional, as usual. I hope it doesn’t cause her any trouble with her employer if I say that she’s very good about letting conservative views be aired. I assume she’s on the left — why wouldn’t she be? But she is happy for a righty to speak his piece. Therefore, she is worth her weight in gold. If we’re to have public radio — let it be good. Let it be — where have I heard this phrase? — fair and balanced.

Incidentally, I once had a conversation with a veteran AP reporter in Davos. (This is a different but related topic.) I said, “You know, I’ve been reading your dispatches for years, and I assume you’re on the left — because everyone is — but I can’t tell what your politics are, from reading you.” She said, “Oh, bless you, my son.” She actually kissed me. I said, “Are you the last one? Are you the last one to keep his politics out of his copy?” She said, “Yes, I’m the last one.”

It’s a very easy thing to do. It’s just that people — that wire-service reporters, and other reporters — don’t want to.

Anyway, just wanted to give a cheer or two for Wisconsin Public Radio, or at least a slice of it.

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