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What a creep John Edwards is!

I never realized the full extent of his creepiness. Exactly how are the “mercenaries” of Blackwater in Iraq–i.e., private contractors protecting people at the request of the U.S. government — not risking their lives? Exactly how is the hired gun called John Edwards less of a mercenary than they except that he risks only other people’s money? I must say it’s very entertaining to watch a snake-oil salesman in full snake mode.

BTW, it’s extraordinarily unfair to compare Edwards to Elmer Gantry (at last the movie version.) EG as played by Burt Lancaster is on an altogether higher moral and intellectual plane. See the scene where he confronts the agnostic journalist. It is a real argument, not a piece of saccharine nastiness.

Nothing will persuade me to abandon democracy, but Edwards comes closer than anything else to doing so.

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