What Happens When a Singer Wears a Pro-Trump Dress to the Grammys?

Singer Joy Villa made a risky decision when she chose to wear a dress to the Grammys featuring “Make America Great Again” in glittered lettering. The dress, which was rather stunning on an equally stunning Villa, obviously caused quite a stir online. Nevertheless, Villa’s album sales jumped on iTunes and she gained more than 50,000 new Twitter followers in only two hours after making the dress debut. 

See some of the racist, online backlash she received in this video, which includes some of the most vile language you can imagine. 

You can read more about Villa, who says she is a singer, author, model and vegan health coach, here. It was refreshing to see someone be so daring in the age of PC obsession, especially in a place full of self-righteous, liberal celebrities.  

Check out her bold Instagram post about the dress here

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