White House Lawyer Won’t Answer Rep. Jordan’s Questions about Missing IRS E-Mails

Representative Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) was clearly frustrated when White House lawyer Jennifer O’Connor, who served as counsel to the IRS commissioner in 2013, said she was unable to answer his questions during the IRS investigation hearing Tuesday morning. 

Jordan questioned her about the fact that the White House was apparently aware of the missing Lois Lerner emails months before they informed Congress.

“You didn’t even think to ask about the fact that the White House knew in April and the people’s house doesn’t know until June?” he asked O’Connor, who said that she did not have much time to prepare for the hearing.

The former IRS counsel said that she would like to be “as helpful as I can about with what I knew,” to which Jordan responded, “It would have been helpful for you to have those answers to those questions.”

Jordan asked O’Connor, “I’m wondering if you get important information like Lois Lerner’s e-mails are lost, did you share that with the agency doing the criminal investigation?”

O’Connor answered that she was happy to respond to questions about her time at the IRS, but not about her time at the White House. 


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