Look I understand the double standard thing. “If this was a conservative…” is the prelude to a hundred banal-but-accurate grievances. I also understand that politics ain’t beanbag and the conservative case for civility is not an argument for unilateral disarmament. And, last, I also agree entirely that the Meg Whitman maid “scandal” is/was one of the more idiotic and unfair non-scandals of the recent political season and the desire for payback is understandable.

But, I cannot be alone on the right in believing that the whole “whore” scandal is silly. The obviously private conversation was in the context of political deal-making and not some sexist charge of prostitution. If I had a dollar for every politician I privately called a whore, I’d have enough money to outspend Whitman. Sure it was inappropriate. But do we really need to get to our fainting couches? I don’t really blame Whitman for exploiting it given the political climate, but enough is enough.

Meanwhile, tonight is their last debate. If I were advising Whitman, I’d say don’t even bring it up. The moderators probably will for you. Brown will apologize and you can then say something like,  “Look, I found what he said offensive and I think there’s a double standard. But he’s apologized, I accept that, and I don’t want to play these sorts of PC games. California is in huge trouble. Someone has to be the adult. And if the old boys club  surrounding Jerry Brown wants to act like a bunch of  little boys club, that’s their right. I’ve encountered that sort of thing all my life, which is why I know we shouldn’t waste our time on it.”

Just my two cents.

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