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Why Should You Donate to NRO? Because . . .

From a $50 NRO contributor:

I’ve never donated before . . . figured my subscription to the Dead Tree edition would suffice, but…Because I believe Ponnuru would be a great SCOTUS addition. Because Goldberg told me to rent Deadwood (oh, and also happened to write the most important political book in ages). Because Derb used the phrase “Marmite Motorway” to describe England’s future in an email to me. Because K-Lo knew Father Callaghan in my local parish would be the one priest to reference NRO in a Christmas Eve sermon. Because if I miss it, you reprint Krauthammer’s Fox News take. Because Steyn is Steyn. Because Nordlinger loves music even more than politics (I think). Because Miller’s a rock and roll animal in conservative clothing. Because I want Lowry to start handing out raises. Because NRO is the only stimulus package I need to get through these dark days. Because someday I want to work for NRO and this is the closest I can get to a bribe.  Because of Barack Obama, Nancy “Pants-on-Fire” Pelosi, and Harry Reid. I wish it could be more, folks, I truly do. This should be enough to buy a beer for everyone. Keep fighting the good fight.

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