‘Without Pedigree or Government Connections’

In today’s Impromptus, I have occasion to mention two Maryland Republicans — totally coincidental. One of them, Ellen Sauerbrey, ran for governor and didn’t make it. The other, Robert Ehrlich, ran and did. As I say in my column, he is one of my favorite politicians, one of my favorite public servants, period. If there’s a Republican administration next year, I hope he’ll serve in it.

Anyway, a reader sends me an article from the Herald-Mail, out of Hagerstown (I believe). Get a load of this:

By any standard measure, Neil Parrott’s place in Maryland politics ought to be toward the very bottom. He’s a freshman Republican delegate in a very blue state, without pedigree or government connections.

Yet through dogged organizing and clever use of technology, this tea party leader from Hagerstown has turned a little-used provision of the Maryland Constitution into a tool capable of overturning chunks of the ruling Democrats’ legislative agenda.

Very nice. This fellow is a red warrior in a blue realm. But so help me, if I live a thousand years, I’ll never be at peace with us conservatives as the red team and them as the blue. So, so wrong . . .