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Women: Biden Was a Jerk in Debate

Women weren’t wowed by Joe “Sex Symbol” Biden’s manners in last night’s debate, when he repeatedly interrupted Paul Ryan with the kind of brazen rudeness usually reserved for pundits on cable TV.

When I asked for reactions on Twitter, the consensus that emerged was that Biden was seen as condescending, obnoxious, creepy, and generally unbearable. Nichole Perreault compared the scene to “Thanksgiving when that rude, inappropriate elder relative makes you want to rip him a new one and throw your wine in his face on your way out the door — but for the sake of family you take a drink, smile and look the other way.” Joni Lynn e-mailed that Biden had struck her as “an arrogant, condescending pig.”

“He’s that obnoxious guy that every woman knows at work who always interrupts at the meeting to show how ‘brilliant’ he is but has nothing to say,” wrote one woman. “He’s the guy no one wants to get stuck next to at a dinner party.”

“Biden was so obviously acting and playing the role of an old-school chauvinist that he almost seemed slimy to me,” e-mailed Gerre Brenneman. “I ended up feeling that if he were my boss, I would be patted on the head when I entered his office and patted on the butt when I left.”

Here are some more reactions, beginning with this one:

There were 4 women at my house last night and we decided to watch the debate rather than play cards. We are all a “little older” but still in the workforce. We were anxious to hear about solutions to high gas and food prices. One woman wanted to understand premium support. It was like watching an obnoxious talk show host worse than Matthews or O’Reilly. It was disappointing and we were shocked by our vice president’s behavior. We spent 30 minutes talking about his laughing after the debate ended because it was such a shock. Even the solidly liberal woman among us was mortified. We wanted to hear a traditional debate.  Oh well. The 2 leaners are leaning more toward the Romney Ryan ticket which made me happy even after such an appalling night.

From Nerina Bellinger:

Regarding Biden’s performance last night: I have one word — insufferable. He was condescending, disrespectful, dismissive and downright rude. I think Paul Ryan did what he could given the venue and the format. I’m glad he (Ryan) held his ire and remained respectful and congenial. It seemed like Biden’s strategy was to talk constantly thereby not allowing any full statement by Paul Ryan.

As a 45-year-old, married mother of five children, I was repulsed by Biden. Truly. He reminded me of a cantankerous patient I had early in my nursing career who liked to call me “honey” and “sweetheart” even though I asked him not to do so. Biden and his reference to “my friend here” was in a similar vein. I’m not sure why any woman would find Biden appealing. Ryan, on the other hand, in addition to be being good-looking, came off as an earnest, serious and caring guy.

From Sarah Rouk:


I didn’t like Biden in the debate last night at all. I’m a bit biased because I’m a big Ryan fan, but I found Biden to be way too hateful. I like an aggressive debate, even if my guy isn’t winning, but being aggressive isn’t the same as being nasty and hateful. The sneers, dismissive laughs, and constant interruption made the debate unenjoyable to watch. I was really excited to watch the debate, but halfway through I wished it was over because it was just so miserable watching Biden act so nasty.

The “friend” thing was really obnoxious and was very overused. It reminds me of my mom when she’s driving. If another driver cuts her off or does something she doesn’t like, my mom calls them “buddy”. She’ll say, “Watch it, buddy.” The other driver is not my mom’s buddy; she’s just using that word as a placeholder for much nastier and inappropriate names that she doesn’t want to use.

From another woman:

I thought he was trying to be the opposite of what Obama was in Denver. I think he was much more forceful, but not in a good way. I wish I could have muted the volume when he was laughing, and would have appreciated it if he could have stopped that weird, creepy smile . . . before, after and during every statement. So totally annoying.

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