Wonderful Copenhagen

Someone ought to re-edit the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen’s most famous author, for the new Denmark.

The other day my friend Lars Hedegaard survived an assassination attempt at the hands of the jihad crowd. As he notes here:

I was visibly touched when I read the editorials in Politiken and Ekstra Bladet – at least the first few paragraphs where emotional words described the inalienable right to freedom of expression and how wrong it was to try and kill me.

But I did not need very many Kleenexes to wipe my eyes. It turned out that the newspaper editors used the assassination attempt to reiterate to their readers what a miserable and racist creep I am. And when I was done reading about my case, I almost came to the conclusion that it would probably have been for the best of the country and for the future of humanity if the gunman had had better aim.

Lars has spent the last few years as Andersen’s lonely little boy pointing out that the muliticultural emperor has no clothes. Unlike the Andersen story, every time he does so, he gets clubbed to a pulp by an enraged mob of bien-pensants.

Next comes this sad headline:

Dozens protest anti-Semitic bullying at Danish school

“Dozens”? Be glad they could muster that many:

The protesters at Saturday’s rally outside the Radmandsgades elementary school in Norrebro, a suburb north of Copenhagen, held up Israeli flags and signs reading “Today we are all Jews.”

The demonstration was in response to recent statements by Lise Egholm, a retiring headmistress of the Radmandsgades school, who said the bullying of Jewish children by Arab classmates forced her to advise Jewish parents not to enroll their children in the school.

“We have had some unfortunate incidents, which means that I have had to say to some parents it can be hard to have Jewish children in this area because there are many Palestinians,” Egholm told Dansk Radio.

There’s an inspiring tale for celebrating diversity.

There once was an ugly duckling

With feathers all stubby and brown

And the other birds

In so many words

Said we have had some unfortunate incidents so I have had to say

Get out of town…

Maybe Headmistress Egholm’s plan will work, for a bit. As long as you’re sure it’s just the Jews these guys object to…

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