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Instapundit’s Glen Reynolds has an interview with Robert Zubrin, author of Energy Victory: Winning The War on Terror By Breaking Free of Oil. You can listen directly – no downloads necessary by going here.


FYI, I’m very impressed with Zubrin’s proposal to make all cars sold in the U.S. Flex-Fuel Vehicles that can run not just on gasoline but also on ethanol, methanol — or any combination of the three. 


The idea is to break the transportation fuel monopoly by weaning ourselves off our dependence on a single commodity controlled by those waging war against us. Winning the global conflict between free nations and militant Islamists will be much more difficult — and maybe impossible – if we continue indefinitely funding both sides. There also could be benefits for the environment, for the American economy, and for poor people in tropical third world nations. And all this can happen very quickly.


I’ve written two columns based on Bob’s book, here and here, and I’ve just made him an FDD Fellow on energy and security.

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