Biological Colonialism: Pakistan Shuts Down “World’s Cheapest Kidney Bizaar”

Pakistan has passed a law to prevent its destitute from being preyed upon by rich Westerners who exploit the poor as if they were a mere biological organ plantation.  From now on, only close relatives will be legally allowed to donate organs to those in need of a transplant and organ selling a crime.  I hope too, organ buying.  In that way, the rich vampires (in Secondhand Smokette’s good turn of phrase from her “American Vampire”) who prey on these desperate people can also be made to pay the price, as well as the brokers.  The country is chaotic, I know, but this is an important step defending the equal dignity of all humans.

HT: Bioedge

Wesley J. Smith — Lawyer and award winning author, Wesley J. Smith, is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism. He is also a consultant to the Patients Rights Council. ...