The Story So Far

So here’s where we are. The Lefty blogs have been howling like stuck pigs for weeks (actually years) about the book. For a taste just visit the forums on my Amazon page (you can find similar stuff at Daily Kos, Toohotfortnr or Tim Noah’s office at Slate). Or just google me since some folks have been working on “googlebombing” me. For the record, I’ve decided that I’m going to err on the side of not linking to people who only trade in juvenile insults. If you want to find that stuff about me it’s easy enough to find without my help.

Meanwhile, Publisher’s Weekly generally liked the book. The New York Times, paid me a nice compliment by picking a serious historian, David Oshinsky, to review it. But, some nice words and backhanded compliments aside, he did a remarkably unserious job of reviewing it. I would have preferred a harsher review that tried to engage the book more seriously than a mixed review that essentially dodged almost every important argument in the book. Similarly, Fred Siegel had a disappointing review of the book (my initial reaction is here). It seems he couldn’t get passed the FDR chapter. I will have far more detailed responses to them later.

On the positive side, Ronald Radosh, an esteemed intellectual historian, raved about the book: “Disagree if you must, but go out and read this brilliant, insightful, and important book.” Others agreed. The historian Daniel Pipes: “The author, hitherto known as a smart, sharp-elbowed polemicist, has proven himself a major political thinker.” Vox Day says it’s the most significant ideological book since the Closing of the American Mind. My boss Rich Lowry: “How we think of the ideological spectrum – socialism to the left, fascism to the right – should be forever changed.” Mark Judge,Yuval Levin, Steve Hayward, John Kienker, Todd Seavey and my buddy Ronald Bailey have all come to its defense, and then some. Oh, and I had fun conversation with Glenn & Helen Reynolds (Instapundit & Instawife) here.

Anyway, I could go on linking to negative and positive reviews — and I will! But not right now. That should give you a sense of the way the reception is shaping up for now. The more important thing is for you to buy the book. Buy it now. Read it as fast as you can. Let me know what you think, so we can chat about it.

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