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Bureaucrats Favor Obama By Wide Margin

What a surprise: Federal employees favor Obama, according to the always-interesting “Federal Diary” in the Washington Post. Is there a better reason to vote against the guy?

As federal employees, our members have witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of the Bush administration’s misguided policies, but with Senator Obama, we can right the direction of this country,” John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said when the union made its endorsement in the primary.

That sentiment was common among unions representing rank-and-file workers, including the National Federation of Federal Employees, the National Treasury Employees Union, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, the American Postal Workers Union, the National Association of Letter Carriers and the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists.

I rather like Derb’s suggestion that we disenfranchise the tax-eaters:

Take away their vote. If you let public employees vote, what do you think they are going to vote for? For more public spending, more government jobs, higher government wages. Can you vote yourself a pay raise? No, and neither can I. Bill Bureaucrat and Pam Paperpusher can, though, and they do. Bill and Pam have no problem at all with ever-swelling public budgets, with ever-expanding public services, with the creeping socialism that is slowly throttling our liberties out of existence.

Of course, we can be sure that any disenfranchised bureaucrats’ votes will be more than made up for by the likes of Jive Turkey and Mary Poppins.

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