CNN Gets Tough on Pro-Obama Super PAC

On Thursday’s Situation with Wolf Blizter, Bill Burton of Priorities USA Action responded to the recent controversy surrounding his Super PAC’s misleading ad connecting Mitt Romney to the death of the wife a laid-off steelworker, Joe Soptic.  The ad suggests that Mitt Romney is to blame because Soptic lost his job and health insurance in 2001 when Romney was the CEO of Bain Capital.  However, Romney had effectively left Bain Capital in 1999.

Burton defended the ad, claiming that the “point of the ad it’s to tell the story of one guy, Joe Soptic, and the impact on his life that happened for years, and to this day, as a result of decisions that Mitt Romney made.”

Blitzer slammed Burton over the ad, calling it “inaccurate,” “not responsible,” and “misleading.”

As the Washington Examiner notes,

“When you do an ad that seems to leave the impression that he was indirectly responsible for a woman dying from cancer, that is so powerful, that is so tough, that goes beyond what you guys should be doing.” Blitzer said.

Good for you, CNN.