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Frank Rich Likes National Review

For real. New York Magazine has a big piece up on Frank Rich’s week as an embed with right-wing media. Here’s what he says about NRO’s writers:

What did I learn in my week imbibing the current installment of the Reagan revolution? I came away with empathy for those in the right’s base, who are often sold out by the GOP Establishment, and admiration for a number of writers, particularly the youngish conservative commentators at sites like the American Conservative and National Review Online whose writing is as sharp as any on the left (and sometimes as unforgiving of Republican follies) but who are mostly unknown beyond their own ideological circles.

You can read the whole thing here, but the best part is above. I like how’s he shocked that our writers are, you know, honest.

One place Rich goes off the rails is when he starts quoting tweets as if they are on par with actual reporting or opinion pieces. For example:

The Twitter feeds I followed of conservative voices, pundits, and institutions generated far less volume and snark than their liberal counterparts. “Got an awesome hug from the convention info lady at the terminal,” read an all-too-typical missive from one of the more prolific conservative tweeters, Jonah Goldberg.

Well, duh. It’s Twitter, not NRO in 140 characters or less. And he’s complaining Jonah isn’t snarky enough?

And FWIW, Jonah figured prominently in the art associated with the piece. You’d think Rich would offer more about what Jonah actually has to say than one tweet.

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