Greg Gutfeld vs. Tom Brokaw


So Tom Brokaw just appeared on Morning Joe (named after a sex act), to discuss the boost in gun sales since the Arizona shooting.

Brokaw explained this upsurge as a bunch of scared lemmings stockpiling their guns in “underground bunkers” in case new laws arrive to ban them.

He elaborated somewhat..

In Arizona they have a wide open system. I would be nervous about going into a bar or restaurant in Arizona on a Saturday night where people can carry concealed without permits.”

You would be nervous?

That’s the point, Tom.

You should be nervous. And by “you,” I really mean, generally, any jerk who comes in to start trouble at the bar. That’s the beauty of guns, or the threat of guns – it’s a natural motivator to lighten up, back off, and mind your own beeswax.

And let’s not forget, people bought those guns to protect themselves. As John Lott Jr., points out, a major factor in determining how many people are harmed by a lunatic killer is the time frame between the start of the attack and when another gun arrives. The quicker it gets there, the faster the crime spree ends.

To me, this debate over gun ownership seems like class warfare. People like Brokaw just don’t know anybody who owns guns. Except of course, the security around him when he visits NBC. He’s safe and sound, spouting his opinions – not like everyone else at campuses and supermarkets.

So, from his perch, he stereotypes gun owners as gun nuts, hunkering in bunkers. It would be the same if I said all newscasters were egocentric, aloof elitists who can’t pronounce the letter L.

No offense, Tom.

and if you disagree with me you’re a racist homophobe

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