Limbaugh on Cain’s Media Handling

Rush Limbaugh today on Herman Cain’s response to the allegations:

I think it only matters who leaked it if it’s not true, if it is true, if there is genuine real sexual harassment, then it’s silly to focus on who leaked it, if it’s true, then it’s silly to worry about who leaked it….this is part of the primary process…I am as fascinated, if not more fascinated as I read and listen to people talk about how Herman Cain has handled it and it seems to be universally agreed that he has botched it…rather than just okay, here’s the whole ball of wax, others have said he’s really blowing it…a lot of the coverage on how Cain and his campaign don’t know how to do it…”this isn’t presidential”…that’s got me scratching my head a little bit, the message seems to be that Herman Cain hasn’t handled a media ambush well…what is handling it right then? We have to look to the past, we have to go back in time where in similar times other candidates have handled this…Herman Cain should have assigned someone on his staff to head a “bimbo eruption process”… the right way is to have a “bimbo eruption” aide…and a mad dog aide who will destroy any of the women…I guess Herman Cain hasn’t handled this well…he isn’t a sufficiently good enough liar to be president…he doesn’t know how to attack his accusers.

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