NBC Says Obama Knew Millions Would Lose their Health Insurance

And after the story broke last night and was widely circulated, the link from NBC News mysteriously stopped working. Speculation was quick, as you’d expect on Twitter, with many wondering if Team Obama had somehow killed the story. Nah. It was just a “glitch.” Did NBC News tweet a not-so-subtle dig and the rollout of Obamacare? I hope so:

Team Obama pushed back against the NBC report. Some examples. . .

. . .FACT! Yes, there are no regulations whatsoever in the ACA that are causing insurance companies to cancel policies. Not one damn thing.

And how about some zombie-imagery? Eviscerates!

. . .Please, Dan, tell us: these people getting cancelation letters is just normal turnover? Really? Reads more like Obamacare “eviscerates” consumer choices in the individual market.

Let’s add a link to PolitiFact for some gravitas when challenged. . .

But did Josh Earnest actually read what he linked to from PolitiFact? Doesn’t look that way. Or, maybe, he’s just cherry-picking. Either way, he’s wrong (emphasis mine):

Our ruling

Rubio said, “300,000 people are going to lose their individual coverage because of Obamacare. Now those people next year, they don’t have health insurance.”

Rubio was referring to letters Florida Blue started sending to consumers in the individual market in August. The letters do tell consumers that their particular plan will end due to the Affordable Care Act. That’s because the plans typically don’t offer the comprehensive coverage that is required under the new law.

However, the letters also state that consumers will have “continuous health care coverage” and assigned them a particular plan, or gave them the option to contact Florida Blue and choose another plan. So their coverage is not dependent on being able to buy insurance through healthcare.gov, the government’s online marketplace.

We rate this claim Mostly False.

See that Josh? Some 300,000 in Florida losing their coverage because of the ACA was ruled “true” by PolitiFact. You still need to answer the question, “Are health insurance companies lying in these cancellation letters when they cite ACA as the reason?”

And as a bonus, please show this PolitiFact piece to Valerie Jarrett to fact-check her ridiculous claim that Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. Thanks!



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