Obama in South Florida

One of the fundraising stops today for President Obama is at the home of attorney Jeremy Alters in Golden Beach, Florida. Alters, however, is not without his share of controversy here in Miami. Disbarment, lawsuits with his partners, an alleged “poisoning” — and his nanny is suing him, too:

When trial lawyer Jeremy Alters hosts an April 10 fundraiser for President Barack Obama at his Golden Beach home, it’ll be like walking on to the set of a South Florida telenovela.

There’s a spurned nanny. A hint of poison and betrayal. A multi-million case against a bank. Allegations of financial impropriety. Cut-throat lawyers. A bar complaint. An ongoing lawsuit. A lie-dector test. The forced sale of tony Colorado homes, and a $2.2 million loan made with a handshake.

This has been Alters’ life for the past few years.

“Ever since I took on the banks, this all happened,” said Alters, 41, who initiatied a suit against Bank of America that resulted in an initial $410 million settlement.

Alters, who initiated the major national lawsuit into overdraft fees, was so busy with the case and a $1 billion action against Chinese drywall makers that he needed a partner to take over the leadership of his firm, Kimberly Boldt, who appeared to make potentially inappropriate money transfers from trust accounts to the firms operating accounts as times got tough.  One transfer was allegedly needed when another lawyer appeared ready to leave with $1.6 million in fees the cash-strapped firm was counting on after Alters was forced to repay Bank of Miami a $3 million line of credit

In all, $1.1 million was potentially improperly transferred, apparently without Alters knowledge. When he found out about it, he sold his two homes in Colorado, brought co-counsels in to help parlay his drywall and bank cases into short-term cash and borrowed money, including a $2.2 million handshake loan from Miami super lawyer Bruce Rogow.

At the same time, Alters fell sick. So sick, he says, that he could have been a victim of “poisoning.” He wouldn’t say by whom — but noted he fell suspiciously and gravely ill.

Alters repaid the money in March of 2011, but in August former nanny Katelyn Sullivan filed a bar complaint alleging Alters misappropriated the funds. The Florida Bar, calling few witnesses, successfully moved the Florida Supreme Court to issue an emergency order suspending Alters law license within 30 days of ruling Dec. 28.

Wow. Seems like the perfect face of the Democratic party as it tries to sell the Buffett tax.

The rest here.

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