Atheist Group Attacks Professor

An atheist group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation has called for an investigation into the teaching of a professor at Ball State University. Apparently the group is arguing that it was unconstitutional for a physics professor to suggest there might be a God.

Peter Wood, of the National Association of Scholars, doesn’t see much of a case:

“I view this as either as a bit of bluffing on the part of Mr. Seidel, or if he believes in the accuracy of his own assertions, he is sadly mistaken,” Wood said.

The class in question is called “The Boundaries of Science,” and its syllabus details the course objective as examining topics that “provide examples of (human) existence that may lie outside the boundaries of human science.”

It concludes by stating the topics will “then be considered for their implications relating to the significance and value of human life, and as possible indications of the existence of God.”

More details at The College Fix.

**This post has been updated to reflect the following correction. FFRF is not suing Ball State, as this post originally indicated, but rather has submitted a letter calling for an official investigation and for the removal of the professor form the class.

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